Testing phone on sleepy Laila

Testing phone on sleepy Laila

Christ Gethard is risen.

Christ Gethard is risen.


never delete anything
nothing is a mistake
there will be enough space

This moment poolside is the last I will ever fear. Watching and listening to Florida rain. With my cannonball splash, I lose and win you to infinity. I think sometimes I love everything with a numbing intensity. A million raindrops throwing themselves a few thousand feet into whatever. Small concentric ripples against this chlorine ocean. Once for every time we touched. I feel cold water in my pores as I rise from the bottom. I realize time doesn’t count for much. Tomorrow, it evaporates in the dawn. 

I guess I’ve learned the taste of days that will always burn.

i just wanna get faded with you while listening to “fade into you.”

fuck st. patty’s day - i’m throwing my pennies away

Bomb The Music Industry!

"Saddr Weirdr"

it’s gonna get sadder
it’s gonna get weirder
until i’m gone, now
it’s kind of what i want
but regardless, thanks a lot for
letting me stay on your futon

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a scream into finality
Out West
the edge of earth
and oblivion

peering out with wide eyes
a geometrically perfect plane
hanging onto the skin of a sphere
eager to swallow us whole

you are so far away;
i want you here.

just hanging out with me
on the cusp of supposed infinity
laughing at static on the waves
and the fragility of time

Catching some bass earlier today with the assistance of my great friend Omar. Off a main road in my hometown (Jupiter, FL) 

Catching some bass earlier today with the assistance of my great friend Omar. Off a main road in my hometown (Jupiter, FL) 


A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady - The Ergs

And I love you more than I could say
And probably more than you’d ever wanna hear anyway
But I’m sure you get that an awful lot
And I miss you more than you could know
And no matter how I try I just can’t let it go
I’m hoping you feel the same way, probably not

i will lose my shit if even one more person i know dies……

RIP Jeff Brooks: manager, coworker, friend, soul-surfer. Thinking of you tonight, old friend. 

Being back in this place, I feel the death of my nostalgia for all past vices. No longer feeling young and edgy when I see a baggie full of white powder. Just tired and confused. I see the pain caused by wild nights in the faces of the people I love most. Once forever young, now ghoulish in the early morning.

And I, infinitesimal being,
drunk with the great starry
likeness, image of
I felt myself a pure part
of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
my heart broke loose on the wind.

—Pablo Neruda, Poetry. (via therainyresistance)

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